UyirMei Ezhuthukkal

When a vowel( Uyir ezhuthu) and a consonant ( mei ezhuthu) join together they form Uyirmei ezhuththu.A total of 216 letters are there in Uyir mei ezhuthukkal. 

Uyir ezhuthu + Mei ezhuthu = Uyirmei ezhuthu

For example: 

க் + அ = க (அ-Uyir ezhuthu , க்- Mei ezhuthu , க - Uyirmei ezhuthu)

க் + ஆ = கா 

க் +இ = கி

க்+ஈ = கீ

The above is the simple formula which can be used to learn all the 216 letters at ease.

Letters with short sound are called "Kuril"
Letters with long sound are called "Nedil"

Uyirmei kuril= 90

Uyirmei Nedil= 126

which makes a total of 216 letters.

They are called as "Sarbezhuthu" as they are dependent on the Uyir and Mei ezhuthukkal. Look at the above division to understand about the same.

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Uyirmei Ezhuthukkal

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