Fruits in Tamil

Fruits are colorful. They are sweet. They come in different shapes and sizes. It is very important for our children to know the names of the fruits ! Fruits contain many nutrients. 

What are the activities in which we can involve our children to teach about fruits?

  1. Show them fruits flashcards and pick the real fruit.
  2. Take them to fruit shop and observe different color fruits
  3. Make fruit salad at home, provide an opportunity to your child to cut, peel and experience the fruits.
  4. Use the worksheet to teach them names of the fruits.

 It's so much fun to watch when children do the Pretend play as a fruit seller. 

பழம் , பழம்....

பழம் வாங்கலயோ பழம்.....

வாழைப்பழம், ஆரஞ்சு....

In the mean time learning the Tamil name for all the fruits! 

What a fun way isn't it?! 

And here is a pdf for you to help in your learning journey :) 


Fruits in Tamil

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