Tamil Rhymes

Singing nursery rhymes and songs to children as young as babies can help develop their language and communication skills from an early age. We do have so many ways to make it fun! Using musical instruments!  Creating the experience for the children to enjoy the rhyme is more important in the end. We should also know small children tend to have low attention span and they are curious to explore things! So, we must always remember to keep it short. 

Introducing rhymes will help them to listen to various sounds, which is an important skill.

Why is singing nursery rhymes and songs are important ?

  • Children learn new words
  • Develop their non-verbal communications skills
  • Learn early math skills
  • Children understand how words are formed
  • Enables children to copy actions
  • It boasts children language communication and literacy skills
  • Helps develop children’s social, skills
  • Children learn about different beats and rhythms
  • Provides the opportunity for children to value language and become confident learners.
  • Creates a close relationship between adult and child.

We at Tamiltoddlers have compiled a set of Tamil nursery rhymes which might help you in the singing!

We also share it on our Instagram page on a weekly basis.  

Also there is a fun coloring Rhymes worksheet for your little ones.

Tamil Rhymes coloring Sheet


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