Tamil Reward stickers

Tamil Reward stickers are a unique product for children who love Reward stickers. This can be used as a tool to motivate the child to learn.  

Reward charts can be incorporated as a way to positively reinforce the child's behavior.

For the reward charts to work you might need attractive stickers, that is when Tamil toddlers Reward stickers will be a great choice.

With our versatile and cute animal prints your child will never get bored of the rewards. When any language is taught it will be great to have resources that suits the language. We at Tamiltoddlers believe that these Reward stickers will keep you child motivated and 'wanting for more' whenever they sit to learn Tamil.

Switch from the normal 'Star' stickers to these cute animal print stickers :) 

If you are outside India and looking for our products, send a mail to tamiltoddlers@gmail.com

We have served customers abroad as well ! 

 The price of one sticker works out to the cost of a stamp! 

Investment :  108 STICKERS AT JUST Rs.199/-

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