LOTW- Uyir ezhuthukkal| Tamil Vowels

This is a most famous concept used to teach English alphabets. I thought of incorporating it in Tamil language too! Hence came the "Letter of the week series". 

In this series we do a set of activities (with things available at home). This will help our children to recognize the alphabets in a short span of time. Since we have 247 letters in Tamil it is important for the child to learn each and every letter with correct pronunciation so that they can read the words easily. (without getting overwhelmed).

In the below table, I've shared the post link for each letter. You can download the printable and use it when you start teaching your little ones. Just click on the image to download the letter. Happy learning! 



All these Tamil letters are called Uyir Ezhuthukkal. Uyir means life in Tamil. The beauty of teaching Tamil to children is, our ancestors not just taught us each letters but also a life lesson with each and every letter! Recall Aathichoodi, Kondrai Vendan taught by our parents to us! And mind you we cannot find this type of deep rooted classical language anywhere else!

If you're looking to teach Tamil through activities where we can involve our children and make them learn while having fun (through play), please have a look at the video below.



Let us pass on our classical language Tamil to the next generation. Please utilize all the printable for teaching Tamil. Also you can share your feedback and suggestions. 



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