Letter of the week எ

The seventh letter in Tamil Uyir ezhuthu is a Kuril ezhuththu. A simple activity to teach letter எ is as follows:

Materials required:

Paper, Glue, Paint, Googly eyes.


Take a paper and draw a heart shape. Ask your child to cut the heart shape. Now close the heart in the middle and stick it on another paper. Make small ears and tail. Cut and paste them as shown in the picture.


Few activities you can do for the letter எ:

  1. Trace the letter (rice tray or sand can be used)
  2. Ask the child to keep the pulses above the letter.
  3. Roll the playdough and keep on the letter.
  4. Draw எலி(mouse) and ask the child to color.
  5. Cut and do a mouse, paint them later. 
  6. Give the worksheet and ask the child to write the letter and color the picture.

Worksheet activities for the letter எ:


Matching எ

Tamil numbers and counting



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