Letter of the week - ஈ

The fourth letter of Tamil letter is ஈ. This letter is written only with lines and is one of the easiest letters to write in Uyir ezhuthukkal. I've shared some activities and worksheets for the letter.

Materials required: 

Matchsticks, Decorative items , Glue


Start saying the letter ஈ and the corresponding word. Draw ஈட்டி with a pencil and ask the child to stick the matchsticks inside the ஈட்டி. You can decorate by making the sharp end look colorful. We also have our free printable for all the Uyir ezhuthukkal. 

Few activities you can do for the letter 

  1. Trace the letter with index finger ( you can use rice/sand).
  2. Ask the child to keep the pulses above the letter.
  3. Roll the playdough and keep on the letter.
  4. Draw  ஈட்டி  and ask the child to color.
  5. Give the worksheet and ask the child to write the letter and color the picture.

Few worksheets you can use:

Dot Marker ஈ

Emu bird

Matching Printable ஈ




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