Flowers in Tamil

Malargal , Pookal .. !!   Who doesn't love flowers ?! They come in beautiful colors and different sizes. 

We use different flowers on different occasions.

Some activities children can do with flowers:

  1. Pull out the petals and sort according to the color.
  2. Draw a Rangoli/Shape and ask the children to place the flower. 
  3. Count the petals.
  4. Trace the petals in a paper.
  5. Color the picture drawn.

Here we have taken some effort to share a bi-lingual (Tamil and English) worksheet which you can use it for your children. Learn and Teach for your little ones :) 

Download with the below link: 

Flowers in Tamil

For the correct pronunciation of the Flower names in Tamil you can visit our YouTube channel:

CLICK HERE to learn how to pronounce the Flowers name in Tamil.

































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