Letter அ

 Few activities you can do for the letter அ: 

  1. Ask the child to keep the pulses above the letter.
  2. Roll the playdough and keep on the letter.
  3. Draw அணில் and ask the child to colour.
  4. Do the activity we did as below.
  5. Give the worksheet and ask the child to write the letter and colour the picture.

Required materials: 

A4 paper , Paint, Paintbrush,Crayons,Glue, Googly eyes, Marker/ Sketch, Cloth to wipe.

First write the letters அ and the word அணில் with marker. Read the letter two to three times and ask them once (reinforcement). Now paint the foot with brown colour (my son was all giggly as it was chill :D) , ask you little one to place the foot on the paper. Immediately take the cloth and wipe their legs (or you will have to wipe the entire home ;-) ). Let it dry. Now outline the feet with marker and draw a bigggg tail. Show the letter to your kiddo and ask him. Then give him the crayons and ask him to color the tail. Later the final part of sticking the eyes. Stick it and your அணில் is ready. :)

PS: If you don't have paint at home right now, use mike of turmeric powder and kumkum. I did the same and the result was amazing. Look at the picture yourself and tell me :D

Don't worry if your little one is not interested in doing the activities, give him some time. Have a particular time slot specially for activities.

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