About us

Born out of love for Early education and Tamil language, Tamiltoddlers helps children learn Tamil through fun activities and interactive games. "Children learn best through play"! 

Being a preschool teacher gave me more experience on handling children and understand a lot more about them and their world. With that experience as a teacher and teaching my son Tamil in a different state with less Tamil resources, I always aimed at bringing fun educational resources for preschoolers!

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I also have a Podcast channel and Youtube channel through which I narrate small stories and Rhymes in Tamil.The passion to teach is continuing from my journey as a preschool teacher. I have a small family of 5 children for whom I teach Tamil through one - on - one online classes. 

We have been connected by people outside India for our Flashcards, Worksheets and reward stickers. If you're abroad, we also do International shipping on request. Our products have been loved by cusotmers from Norway, Singapore and US.

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For any kind of clarification , please send an email to : tamiltoddlers@gmail.com